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Thread: meopta 2100 31250 illuminated

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    meopta 2100 31250 illuminated

    As title, meopta artemis 2100 3-1250 illuminated.
    30mm tube. Realtree camo finish. I have never seen another with this finish so guess its an after market job but it looks like a factory finish and is perfect, not some home done effort. A couple of tiny marks to the turret caps but apart from that the finish and the glass is perfect.
    Please pm with an email address for pics (will get some on here asap)
    Will leave it on here until the weekend then put it on ebay if no interest.

    450 inc insured post.

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    Hi Edd, did you sell the meopta scope ? many thanks Kev

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    Still for sale.

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    Highly rate these meopta scopes. They are simply fantastic!

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    Last go with this before I stick it on the .243 and sell the swaro instead.
    Fantastic scope for the money....

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    Quote Originally Posted by HSB View Post
    Is it a 4c ret?
    Yes. 4c reticle.


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    Yep. This scope is still for sale.

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    Hi again Ed,

    Still no sign of those photos bud, could ya send them to me again please?


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