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    Dear all, I went to the shooting show at Stoneleigh at the weekend, and was impressed with the range of optice on show. My question for you all is this; I may be looking to upgrade my SB 6x42 (mint) for another optic with an IR. I shoot .243 and stalk/fox. What are your preferences over SB, Zeiss, Swarovski, and any other decent lenses. Regards.

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    Thank you to those who PM me....I will do my research.

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    Have a good look at the Vortex range, a lot of scope for the money

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    If you have the money to spend you wont be dissapointed with any of the three you have mentioned. I have 2 swaros and an s&b on the way and im sure it will be on par with the z6

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    You had the ideal opportunity to physically manhandle the best optics that the world has to offer under one roof, so I'm quite surprised that you've not come away from the show with a shortlist to be honest...

    Swarovski, Zeiss, Leica, MINOX, Sightron, Nikon etc are all solid choices, but it comes down to the age old combination of requirement, budget and Mk I eye.

    Compare and contrast within a manufacturer ie Swaro Z4/5/6. What are the lowest and highest zoom factor that you want/need? 3-9, 3-12, 3-18, 5-25 etc...? x40, x42, x50, x56? Lots of first/last light shooting - either right now, or in the future (if you can do this once and do it properly first time, it will save money and heartache!!)?

    Once settled on one that you really like from one manufacturer, then compare and contrast with their competition's offerings of the same ilk.

    Did you get the chance for any of this, as if not it was a missed opportunity and you are better off getting to a shop that has a ton of kit in stock, or waiting for the CLA in July.

    There are as many opinions are there are scopes, so you will get votes for pretty much everything available. Whilst all of our opinions and comments are 100% valid (ok, not all of mine are...), you really need to make this decision for yourself.

    Apologies if this comes across as teaching you to suck eggs, but you did ask
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    my list i would always go zeiss. then swaro then s&b

    imo zeiss have the best glass and swaro and s&b just behind. to my eyes anyway.

    zeiss also have better recitals imo.

    one thing i will say is s&b and swaro will stand by all there scopes. where zeiss wont on some models like the conquest. now before anyone says the conquest is a none uk model
    i don't care. it shouldn't matter. zeiss have put there name on it so shouldn't matter where you got it from.

    R. Macleod Rifle Dealer, Tain look at this link he has lots of swaro scopes at good savings. over new.

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    Well depends what sort of NV your going to use or attach, front or back. The best basic scope I saw was the latest 3-12x56mm illuminated meopta and its a cracking piece of glass and significantly cheaper than the others. However no P/A which might not avail it to some NV add ons. But they do a 44mm which is front PA.

    Must say Vortex are excellent and huge range available. Son has just purchased aViper and its a lot of glass for the money.


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    When objective tests are done Zeiss always win in terms of having the best glass and low light performance. I would have placed Nickel above Zeiss but Zeiss have new glass etc. and I haven't played with that. I use an 6X56 S&B and it is more than adequate for all stalking in the UK in terms of glass quality. I did compare S&B with Swaro at last light, with a bunch of people, and none of us could tell any difference in performance between them. So, if your main focus is the glass to do your job then keep your S&B and spend the money on stalking, you'll get more deer that way as changing the glass will change nothing for you. If you want the best glass then look at Nickel or Zeiss but be aware that Swaro and S&B will do the UK stalking job just as well and certainly for less cash than a Nickel.
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    Yes I did ask.......I also drew a short list, as you suggest, but have no experience of using other "quality" optics in the field......hence picking the brains and opinions of experienced people. Grateful for your input.

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