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Thread: Gun Stocks?

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    Gun Stocks?

    Random, possibly stupid question alert....

    Walnut and Beech are the stock materials of choice, but we use things such as curly birch for knife handles which looks really nice.

    Why are other woods not used on gun stocks, is it the size of blanks available, cost, hardness or what?

    Personally I quite fancy a gun in a curly birch or an olive wood stock!

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    The Colonial Cousins used Birds Eye Maple on Kentuck/Pennsylvania Long Rifles, often tiger striped by the judicious application of heat. Beautiful stocks in my view.

    Myrtle, Beech, Mesquite, Ash and Mahogany are also used (or any laminate of the foregoing).

    Pick your timber and go for it!
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    ash is a nice wood

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    you can make stocks out of most woods, and most woods have been used in the past. walnut is popular because of it's density and weight, as well as its ability to air dry with a veining that doesn't warp too much, and which suits a rifle stock. in addition, walnut takes oil finishing and checkering well.

    personally I love walnut variants as well as maple. cherry and rosewood though, if properly cut and dried (quarter sawn rosewood will give you a fiddle back effect), will be both beautifully oil finished and will take a fine checkering.

    whatever you do, buy 10+ years air dried wood, and make sure the layout runs up along with butt, then angles through the grip, and with almost straight veining through the front of the stock, curving slightly upwards if anything (so a little warping just needs some bottom barrel channel wood removal, not skewing the sides of the stock walls).

    a good stock blank is 300-600 IMHO. don't buy 'fancy' wood for rifles, it's too brittle and warps. standard through to semi-fancy grades that have been air dried and with a good layout of veining will be a stock for life. invest the money, make it beautiful, and use it!

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