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Thread: 30 grn Hornady .22 WMR

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    30 grn Hornady .22 WMR

    Hi Guys. (This is probably in the wrong place or thread)

    anyone throw any light on this one, .22 WMR bullet expansion

    Out on a removal at the moment three in the bag

    first one 40 yds. A runner. H&L shot placement Round In and out

    second one 50 odd yards A runner. H&L shot placement Round in and out

    third one 96 yds (rangefinder) Absolutely kaputt dropped to the shot. H&L shot placement round stayed just in

    my wire retrieved foxes one and two 25 yds and approx 40 yds from shot placement in thick undergrowth, keeps him happy, but not good to have 2/3 rds running off.

    just examined the three shot placements and they are within an inch of each other, all the foxes are about the same stamp, not stressed or aware of me being close by

    Hornady 30 Grn BT I'm having a job to believe they perform as well as they say, it seems (I've had a few runners) close up ones, the round appears it doesn't like to expand at close quarters but over 60 yds perfect.

    anyone else found any similar characteristics, I love the round, so does the rifle, sub three quarters of an inch a 100 inherently accurate, best of a bunch I've tried, rifle is a sako quad varmint.

    I think I shall be going to pin the close ones now to hopefully enforce expansion ?

    be interested to hear if anyone has found a similar situation



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    cci maxi mag 40grain is a much better round ime. That's the weigh/type of bullet that gives 22wmr its reputation of a rimfire with real knockdown power. ||Swapped my win mag for 17hmr 3 years ago but miss it and may go back the two are very different and if I were shooting more at foxes than crows the win mag with 40grain bullet is much better choice.
    But 2 out of 3 underperforming shots you just had would make me go back to 40grain and forget fancy tipped bullets for heavier target species.

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    Why take body shots at 25 and 40 yards, why not take head shots and taken heads clean off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 247sniper View Post
    Why take body shots at 25 and 40 yards, why not take head shots and taken heads clean off?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    shot placement kudos aside (I would also always take a body shot if side on regardless of distance)

    only body shot runners I have had went no more than 10-20yds before keeling over, most just stumbled within a yard or two

    not used hornady 33gr but have used Remington/CCi in 30/33/34 IIRC

    Agree that more weight is usually a better option, the 33's are much quicker (300fps) but the energy advantage is lost within a few metres and they match the 40gr out to 60-70yds then the 40gr loads carry more energy over that range

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    Thanks Guys

    Removed another at 04:00 at 45 yds pinned it and didn't move an inch and no exit point.

    I will source the CCI rounds and give them a run, my aim (excuse the pun) is to reduce the round exiting if possible, hence H&L placement, pinning the shot is a good option but mostly the H&L is the best one available.

    i try and reduce ricochet, although the back stop is always good, I avoid head shots with the WMR if it's face on I normally place the shot for lower neck into the H&L area, no exit normally meets up with spine really good stopping placement

    the Hornady 30 grn I find are really stable in flight, would the 40 grn be a little more into elevation at a 100. 25% extra I have my WMR set at 100 centre, it places the round inch low at 35 yds,it is a pretty reliable round in my quad.

    thanks to all for the info, appreciated


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    Quote Originally Posted by 247sniper View Post
    Why take body shots at 25 and 40 yards, why not take head shots and taken heads clean off?
    Head shots. Blimey they don't call me Philly 2 shots for nuffink in some Cambridgeshire quarters

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    I used the 30gr VMax when I had a 22WMR (also a Sako Quad), great round and didn't experience any problems with expansion but with bunnies it did just drill right through.

    May it have been that you were unlucky on the entry and didn't hit anything substantial to force the expansion?

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    Hi Ths
    Had one last night 90 yds pinned through the shoulder didn't move an inch with the Hornady. Have located a 500 round batch of CCI 40 grn. Also Managed to get a box of 40 grn , re zeroed and out tonight, to see what's if it goes ok will swap over for a while



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    I've had no runners with H/L shots with Remington 33-grain polymer tips, except for one I hit a bit far back, raking the liver and just clipping the rear of the offside lung. That ran, until another round caught up with him (semi-auto).

    Like the OP, I suspect, I use the light polymer-tipped rounds more for accuracy than for their terminal ballistics, betting on shot placement over fragmentation. I don't think a heavier round would fragment more, or even give better penetration, and IME it would be less accurate.

    If ranges are short, however, there's no harm in giving a heavier load a go as even a 2" group at 50m will do the job, and the worst of them probably shoots better than that.
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