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Thread: Meopta 7x50 illuminated reticle

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    Meopta 7x50 illuminated reticle

    Does anybody use, own or have experience with the above scope.

    I am in the process of buying S/H .243 Howa (varminter with heavy stainless barrel) which comes with above scope, had a brief look through it in the shop and looks v good, comments about its general performance would be greatly appreciated.

    They want 850 for the rifle which is as new, complete with Wildcat moddy, scope and mounts, apparently only shot max of 200 rnds. Seems a v good deal to me.

    Wishing you all a very happy New Year.


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    I have never owned or used one but I have heard nothing but good about them. The glass is as good as the the top flight European makes I am told.


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    Cannot help with the Illuminated bit but I have an older Meopta 7x50A and it's very good glass. The scope is big and long but then your aware of that already . The older ones have adjustments in Cm or MM I would have to pull it out and take the caps off to check but it's a long time since I needed to adjust it and as I have not tried a newer oen they may or maynot be still metric adjusters.

    The scope compares I would say on an equal footing to my Schmidt & Bender 6x42 and would have another Meopta in a heartbeat

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    If you can spend a bit more buy new Meostar 7x56. It's much better scope than the older Artemis 2100 line.


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    I have a Meopta 7x50 with an illuminated dot ret' on one of my rifles. I think Meoptas are fantastic scopes and have them on three of my rifles - excellent quality glass, VERY good low-light performance (made by Schott, who I believe make the glass for S&B) and superb value for money in comparison to other European scopes. They are solidly built and tend to be fairly hefty - pretty bomb-proof though.

    The illuminated dot is very good but the correct batteries are hard to source - I buy them in bulk via mail order.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB
    I have never owned or used one but I have heard nothing but good about them. The glass is as good as the the top flight European makes I am told.

    so that makes them as good as S+b ans swarovski then

    i hav used a 7x50 ill for a few years now
    even smashed the ill piece of the scope when i slipped in the snow
    bit of super glue curtesy of Buck up, had it back as good as new
    as for batteries, they are easily sourced if you live in urban/city areas
    and no change in POA from normal to illuminated from my experience with mine
    Meopta are as good a scope as most but half the price
    the only problem i found is the turret for the illumination part was always being turned on with out you realising it when putting it in or pulling it out of the slip
    so days later you came to use it and find the dot is glowing
    spare batteries a must but the illumniation part is not unless you do a lot of night shooting or your eyes are not as good as they used to so this way you can actually benefit from that red dot on those overcast nights

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    i used a moepta 7x50 for the first 8 years of my stalking career , i could not fault it !

    i have also heard meopta have been doing some optical work for the other big 4 companies , and a friend of mine has been using a luiminated ret for quite some time and has never let him down ,

    i would say you have a bargain there so grab it before some one else does !

    cheers lee

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    same from me i got a 7x50 non illuminated about 5 years ago after seeing the abuse it endured from my mate a fulltime stalker,never had to rezero it even after my sling snapped on the 308 and it tumbled 20 yards down a rocky face!Id buy another for sure

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