Testing the water here really,
I am thinking of swapping my year old Steyr Pro varmint .223.
It has a roedale mod and shoots all bullet weights pretty much through the same hole.
It is fitted with a Swarovski z3 4-12x50 with brx reticle at the moment and warne mounts.
There's a non-tilting 6-9" bipod on it.
It is in as-new condition.

Basically, I want it all gone and a Swarovski z6 2.5-15x56 in its place. Doesn't have to be illuminated but not worried if it is.

Or, if you don't have one available to swap, I'm only looking for enough to cover the purchase price which is around 2k.

The only other possible option is to sell rifle only, for which I would be open to reasonable offers.
Over to you guys