Hi all Happy New year.... mad dash to scotland set off 8 pm tuesday night got back 7 30 pm wed night went out stalking 7 am got to a good spot glassed for about 40 mins.Spoted 2 roe in a gorge about 700 yards started my stalk must say at this point 10 inches snow hard work walking let alone stalking . half way through my stalk had to have a s**t good gob the wind was in my faver or the 2 roe would have legged it even my dog went for a burton. eney way back to my stalk got two with in 120 yards of the two but ther was a therd roe in front fo me 140 yards it would have been an easy drag but it was a young buck so on to the 2 in the gorge took the big doe then the younger doe did the grallock then tyed them together started dragging.. hard work in the deep snow got them over the wall up the first ride then glassed another doe shot her tyed her to the others off agen it took me till 2 30 to drag them to the road i fell sick by the time i got to the road about a mile in snow was hard going but worth it ....hall part of the stalk The easy part is PULLING THE TRIGGER............Sorry no picks to knackered to do eany..cheers Neil