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Thread: remington corelokt. .270 availability

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    remington corelokt. .270 availability

    My understanding from my local gunshops is that since Edgar brothers lost the remington contract, ammunition has been very difficult to obtain. I've tried a couple of places for 150g 270 rounds without success.

    I'm driving down from the northwest to surrey over the weekend. Has anyone any suggestions for shops that may stock remington ammo that I could visit on the journey? I'll be on m6 m40.



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    Hi Novice,

    try Branthwaites in Cheadle (south Manchester) 0161 485 1199 alternatively A+D Supplies Northwich 01606 41752 both not too far from M6

    hope you successful

    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    Cheers ade. Arthur has nothing in stock. I'll give mike a call.


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    Hell come here. They sell it everywhere. You could probably pick up a box at the pet store lol. All jokes aside the Remington Core Lokt is probably the most popular ammo with hunters here due to price and availability.

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    I got my last lot from Norman Clarke. Which is just a few minutes from where the M6 joins the M1 so is possible on your way home?

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