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Thread: Swanndri

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    Swanndri ranger shirt. green very little used as new size large 50 posted

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    Does it say made in New Zealand or made in China on the label....?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    Does it say made in New Zealand or made in China on the label....?
    just looked cant see where its made but sure its the original nz one I have had this for about 6 years

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    Will be China at that age, production stopped in NZ in 2005.

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    i take it they are only rubbish then

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    Great, yet again we see unhelpful posts in the Classified section

    If you're deciding not to buy something because it's "Made in China" more fool you. Swanndri moved production because the Timaru plant was getting too old. It was the last medium grade woolen mill in New Zealand. Harkila, Berghaus, Rab....all names of respectable outdoor clothing companies who either source their material, or base their production, in China for most if not all of their products.

    Of course if you'd prefer to buy a 10-year old Swanndri in the mistaken belief that it simply "must" be better, go right ahead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    Great, yet again we see unhelpful posts in the Classified section :roll willie_gunn
    Calm down willie gunn. No one has posted anything unhelpful. Question asked where it was made and I remember the uproar in nz when announced production was moving as I was out there. Didnt put me off buying mine and my label says made in China. The chinese factories are very good at producing something to the exact spec. as their design brief. Still a good garnment.

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    Willie - I fully ( and I'd write that in foot high bold if I could ) support your view on this. And applauded/ agreed with you until I finally spotted Scudd was the negative commenter and original advertiser!

    I've not had great experience of more recent Swanndri kit as still wearing decades old stuff so can't sensibly comment on relative quality.

    Scudd - if you struggle on here you'll find these go PDQ on ebay.
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    Too Large or I'd take it for my Daughter.

    Someone from Bushcraft UK would bite your hand off.


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    maybe I was a bit sharp, sorry for that. if it don,t sell it can just go back in the wardrobe

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