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Thread: Cz452 with custom stocks .22

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    Cz452 with custom stocks .22

    I hardly use this now I have an fac air rifle. A very light and accurate gun, accounted for many kills and been well looked after.
    it has a beautiful Boyd's thumb hole stock and a tuned trigger. 2 10 shot mags and a sak mod with camo neoprene cover. A black rifle sling and a set of things for a 25mm scope. I also have 30mm mounts if you wish. The scope was a Meopta 7x50 but is now on my fac air rifle. I can put this back on if you wish but want 200 for it.
    300 for the rifle, moderator and scope with a few bullets to get you going.
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    would u sell the stock

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    I did think about it, but I sold the original stock so the rifle would be useless without it, so no I'm sorry. It's a lovely stock though in looks and feel.

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    Rifle can possibly come with a Nikon 4-12x40 which is a decent scope, been on my .308 but I have upgraded.

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    What if we did a swap so you still had a stock

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    Hi i would be interested in the 10 shot mags

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