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Thread: Theoben rapid stuff

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    Theoben rapid stuff

    rapid stuff
    here is a small list of spares i have for sale from my rapid seven

    2x buddy bottles with dust cover caps 45 each
    2x 7 shot mags (.22). 30 each
    1x stock (has hole drilled in it for quick fill adapter ) ????
    a couple bolt handles. 8 each
    1x harris swivel bipod 9-13 model ...sold
    some one inch mounts if i can find them
    1x silencer very light but rather long but also very very quiet 15

    i have some more stuff if i can find the box !!
    All plus postage

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    If the silencer is 1/2"unf thread i will take it pm me payment details please.

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    stock sold
    1 x bottle sold
    silencer sold subject to payment
    bi-pod sold subject to payment
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    Hi mate are the mounts original Theoben ones if you can find them. I know someone that needs some and I've sold mine,

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