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Thread: first ever CWD in the bag with thanks to CWD (Andy)

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    first ever CWD in the bag with thanks to CWD (Andy)

    Hi chaps

    This all started a few weeks ago, when i posted a wanted thread on the site for a CWD as i had never seen one in the wild let alone shot one.

    and out of the blue i received a very kind invite off CWD (aka andy) off this site (SD at its best) and a evening outing was arranged for 18 th feb.

    i met andy at his house and loaded my gear into his truck, we waited a few minutes for andys mate steve to arrive which he duely did and then we set off down the motorway to the stalking ground.
    to cut a long story short there was 3 guns to be shooting me, steve and andys foreign client the plan was me and steve to shoot a doe each and Andy client to shoot 2 cull beasts

    now this might seem like mission impossible you think ??????? (and i must admit, i was thinking this is going to be a tall order deep down , sorry andy just being honest mate ) but how wrong could i have been the ground was crawing with CWD they where everywhere the first field we came to i counted 11 deer in that field alone.

    Andy took me and steve for a walk while his other client went with the other guide, we walked several fields and im not joking i must of counted 40 deer in total which for me is a very alien experience , as i get very excited if i see 1 or 2 deer on my ground let alone 40.

    after a short walk a shootable beast presented its self (a doe), andy gave me the nod and i got the 308 up on the quad sticks, now this beast was laying down and was making no effort to stand up.
    as it was only 60/70 yards away and i was rock steady on the quad sticks a clean headshot was taken and the deer went no where, it expired on the spot it was laying.
    quick photo was taken and Andy left to meet up with his foreign client, leaving me and steve to look for a deer for steve, me and steve kept walking spying walking spying and the light was quickly fading by now, i will openly admit i found it difficult to judge the standard of the tusks of these little deer with normal binos , i can now see why andy uses a 60x zoom swaroski spotting scope .

    time was ticking away now for steve, but luckly we came across another small group, a doe broke away from the group about 150 yards away from us luckly the backstop was good we waited for the deer to turn broadside and steve dropped the deer with a perfect H/L shot. (well done steve it was his first CWD as well ).
    so from 3pm till dusk ,the total bag was 3 Does and a 1 Buck for the 3 guns, bloody good going i think.

    Now i would like to say a massive thankyou to my host CWD/Andy for getting me my first CWD you are a true gentleman and a credit to the deer stalking world , i will always remember this experience for the rest of my days.

    Also it was great to meet steve and the other guys, thanks lads.

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    once again thanks Andy



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    Excellent result Dave.
    Sd at its best.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Excellent write up and well done. I speak with Andy regular and I agree he is a top bloke.


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    I take it that the fact that the head isn't on display in the photo is because it's not very presentable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    I take it that the fact that the head isn't on display in the photo is because it's not very presentable?
    yes sir you are correct, the 125 grain ballistic tip made a right mess , hence i did the photo as i did

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    Well congratulations on your first CWD nevertheless! You'll just have to use the feet as a trophy or something. Hopefully I'll post a similar thread next week, although perhaps with the head included...

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    Great write up mate and I have to admit I chuckled when I saw the photo, not one for the PC brigade!!

    And yes Andy is a great fella, I got my 1st Munty with him and I am soon 'hopefully' going to be in the same boat as you and get my first chink too.

    Well done,

    Follow my stalking journey & SD sponsored DSC1 progress blog here

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    Nice one Sir and well deserved
    SD at it's best.

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    well done dave , you went from a stalker to a guide in a matter of hours ha ha thanks for helping me out ,nothing wrong with your photo as it was just a cull animal the whole carcass is useable and at the distance the shot was taken and the position of the animal a head shot was the best for that situation.

    stratts iv not forgot you mate and as soon as i get chance we will sort you out

    regards andy

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    Hiya dave well done mate ,both chuffed and nice write up to.atb doug.

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