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Thread: eer poaching in Fife

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    eer poaching in Fife

    On my way home late this afternoon from stalking I hear on BBC Radio Scotland at 1730 hours a news item on Deer Poaching in Fife. The local Police Wildlife Officer was interviewed and he was saying that a number of carcases have been found showing signs that dogs were used in the crime and that the meat had been removed from the deer's body. The police are advising people to be aware as the venison is probably not fit for human consumption.

    Any Fife SD members know of this


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    Something on STV News tonight about it I believe but I missed it

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    Nothing new, and no worse than anywhere else. The Police have history of spouting some shocking rubbish about lurchers in Fife, so I now take everything I hear with a pinch of contempt.

    The Wildlife cops have a habit of employing people with no knowledge of wildlife either, as demonstrated a few months ago on the BBC.
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