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    Cleaning kit

    I recently bought my first rifle, Sako A7 in .308 and a cleaning kit along with a bore snake as well, after using the rifle i used to pull through no problem, then i went to use the bronze brush and jag but they seem a very tight fit and i can not seem to get them to go down the barrel. Its a Parker hale rod and Bisley bronze brush and jag in .30 cal has anyone else had similar issues, can anyone recommend a different make of brush and jag to see if they will fit (preferably to go on the parker hale rod)
    Many thanks

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    I'd recommend a pro-shot adapter for the end of your ph rod then you can use pro-shot brushes (or any other 8x32 [if I remember the thread right] threaded brushes). Didn't like the Bisley brush as the central wire looked a bit rough and agricultural.

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    What size patches are you using with the jag and what bore cleaner are you using?

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    Using butch's bore shine. Patches are pro shot round ones can't remember the size but the ones that are for .308

    Think they are the 2" round ones
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    im using parker hale 009 cleaner and 2x2 inch patches

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    Parker Hale is fine as long as you use it properly. You will find that the brush will move easier if you have run a patch soaked in bore cleaner through the bore first as it lubricates the bore. Cut your 4x2 to fit and wrap it tightly on the jag. You are going to soak the bore for ten minutes or so before brushing anyway.

    I use a mixture of different jags including the previously pro-shot but if I only had Parker Hale I wouldn't be too bothered. In fact over a number of years I have aquired several different systems because they were the must haves at the time but I haven't found any one system significantly better than any other, just easier to use and less fiddly.

    I will often use a Parker Hale jag for the final run through because I can cut the patch so that it is a nice tight fit.

    Everyone has their own sytstem or cleaning routine that suits them and works for them. Do however make sure you use a bore guide even if it is a homemade one.
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    I start cleaning the barrel with bore foam. Then patch the foam out. A dry patch won't go in a fouled barrel. Regards JCS

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    I had a similar problem with tight patches for my .243 after I bought some round ones. The previous ones were square and fitted fine.
    I ended up trimming the patches square rather than ditching them (not as time consuming as it sounds !) and now they work well.


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    Butch's Bore Shine certainly helps remove the fouling and I've found it really helps get the patches through. I've got a ridiculously sized roll of patch cloths and tend to cut them in thirds for my .243 and in half and half again for my .223.

    I bought an MTM bore guide off Amazon for 12.50 and have found it easier and far less messy when using this.

    I have to do it outside though as the cleaning fluid stinks. The wife quite likes the Youngs 303 but Butch's puts me in the doghouse.

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