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Thread: cz 527 or brno fox model 2

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    cz 527 or brno fox model 2

    hi all.

    i hope to look at a couple of rifles at the weekend. as the title says one a cz the other a brno fox. i see a fair amount has been said about the fox trigger assembly but between the two is there much differance in build quality or anything to look out for come saturday


    regards pete

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    Hi, I have just been reloading for my mates CZ 527 in .22 Hornet, Its a great little rifle, despite being 15 years old we have managed to get it grouping brilliantly with 35 grain V max bullets and 12.5 grains of Lil Gun. He dropped a crow at 200m this morning with it. Nice rifle for not much money.

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    thanks. i hope to be reloading for it which ever i get. i had a 527 in .222 and wish i had never sold it but hope to correct that soon. they are both about the same money but the brno has a much nicer piece of wood

    Both are 222. Are they prone to barrels wearing out
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    Brno mod2 has a closed receiver with a much stronger action as a result
    not that it makes much difference in the sneeze produced by a .222

    the positives of the BRNO tend to be better materials and less plastic
    the negatives are the limited options for replacement trigger groups if yours comes with a double set option

    they are generally indestructible though
    my Brno .222 has a very pitted barrel.... But only when I clean it
    it shoots better than I do and swallows everything from 35-60gr bullets without issue

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    I have the 527 in .223 and think it is great. Don't think you'll have a problem with it. But if you like the Fox, go for it!



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    have had both, 527 had a smoother feed and better lapped receiver raceway. also, you can get replacement mags and the trigger is 25x better.

    that said, I love the brno, but it does have a couple of shortfalls in comparison.

    go 527 IMHO.

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    Thanks for the replies. The fox I have seen has a double set trigger. Is the front trigger a lot further forward than the cz or is it neither here nor there. The 222 I had previously had a single set trigger which I loved for targets and for shots when I had a very solid rest but didn't use it much whilst walking and off of sticks.

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    I would say the rear trigger is further back and the front trigger ever so slightly forward
    its my first double set and whilst the "snapping glass" purists will be throwing their arms up in horror the trigger is perfectly useable and I have grown to like it

    i use its double function even when taking "quick" shots

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    I have owned both and would not part with my CZ527 it is a little gem. I had the trigger tuned and it is a really accurate rifle. Be aware of potential scope mounting issues with large objective lenses and bolt clearance.

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    Had a Fox, didn't keep it long (about a week) trigger was horrible.
    CZ's for me, brilliant single set trigger, set or un-set, and easy to adjust to suit you.


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