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Thread: shooting injured deer at night

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    shooting injured deer at night

    hi i have encountered a deer when out foxing at night using night vision .which has a bad leg deer will not put it to the ground my qweston is can i shoot it i have deer on my tiket but dont want to shoot it then be stoped on the way home and done for shooting deer at night how do i stand ,i have permison to shoot deer on the land what to do shoot it or not your help please

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    If your in England and wales yes you can shoot it in the circumstances you state. Im not too sure about Scotland. Obviously you need to be happy it is seriously injured not to commit an offence. Section 6(2) of the deer act 1991 states ...

    A person shall not be guilty of an offence under section 2 or section 3 above by reason of any act done for the purpose of preventing the suffering of an injured or diseased deer.

    Hope thats helps John

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    thanks bud im in scotland but think the law is the law if its injured then its onley humane to dispach it thanks rob

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    Why do you need to shoot it at night?
    If it is injured and undisturbed it may not venture far. You should return in daylight and make an assessment of the animal's condition, injuries, sex etc. and then you'll be able to make a judgement on 'suffering' and the best course of action. Deer are robust and can easily withstand and recover from an injured leg if there is no serious infection, or stress.
    Besides it's not an offence to transport deer carcasses at night provided you can prove your legal authority, permissions etc. etc. if challenged.
    Hope this helps.


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