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Thread: Dogs off the leads

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    Dogs off the leads

    Anybody know if its within the law to release my dogs of the lead if the are been attacked by other dogs that are not on the lead ?

    just to let you know the tale on several occasions while out walking the terriers they have been nipped at by an A###holes dogs that are never on the lead when asked to put them on the lead he says its okay they wont hurt them but it stresses them out . Now I always put my two on the lead on seeing any other dogs as they dont play well with other and as these are working dogs they are a little hard mouthed . So my question is why should I handicap my dogs by holding them back on the lead when this tosser with his vislas dose not seem care am I justified in letting the terriers have go ?
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    2 wrongs dont make a right

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    Agree with Morgy.

    You would both be committing the offence of failing to control you dog in a public place. Take out your ire on the owner and report them.
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    Had this problem twice last year and its easily solved... just walk your dogs elsewhere or a different time.

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    Keep your dog on the lead but if things look as if they are going to get dangerous eg fighting and tangled let go not worth putting your self in danger.

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    Take a walking stick with for self defence.

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    That's it. Take a stick and if they attack your dogs, just say to the owner "It's okay. I won't hurt them".

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    Borrow your mates bull terrier keep it on a lead let the other dogs have a go and watch them squeal, the owners soon learn a lesson. It is a pet hate of mine when your dog is well mannered and on the lead to keep it safe and others with aggresive dogs let them off. I purchased a great stick off brewsher off the site and had a tungsten tip on the end that keeps them away.

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    Have had a similar event. A yorkshire terrier and a terrier sized cross breed both off the lead ran towards my two which were on the lead, one went for each dog. The yorkie bit my dog on the jowl who immediately killed it I dropped the lead on my bitch so she was free and got my dog to give me the yorkie. My bitch chased the mongrel a short distance and cam back. The owner accused me of setting my dogs on his, when he got aggressive my dog went to protect me and I had to hold him back, he the said I had set them on him. 40 minutes later at home two police cars showed up and the officers started trowing accusations about rather than ask questions. A police dog handler turned up and was brilliant he handled me, his colleagues and my dogs really well. After tense few moments it was clear we did not have any thing to worry about as my dogs were on leads and had collars and name tags unlike the other two. Dropping the lead was fine but it may have been viewed differently if I had let either off as they may have been considered to not have been under control.
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    ive had it, been walking and seen some one, so have said " can you put your dog on the lead please?" thay have replied with " its fine my dog wont hurt" so I then reply with " but mine might" that usually works.

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