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Thread: Nightvision hand held spotter- best recommended

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    Nightvision hand held spotter- best recommended

    Good morning,

    I'm looking into getting a hand held Night vision spotter. I'm wanting to use this in conjuction with my photon. Any good recommendations that people are using at the moment. I'm looking at spending 400 - 500. I would be looking to see wee Charlie up to about 300 then watch him come in and then change over to the photon then let it do it's business.

    I 'm currently using the lamp then changing over, but the more magazines you read and listen to people talking this seems to be the way most people are going. Any advice would be great and if anyone got any clips recorded on any units they use even better.

    Have a great day

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    I can't help you in that price range, but I can tell you that you want x3 magnification. Any less, and you won't see your fox, any more and you'll lose too much field of view. You'll also need IR illumination so that you can see land shadows ('cos the dead ground is where Charlie will be most of the time) and eye-shine. While the IR LED torches work very well, in my opinion they're too bulky for use on a spotter, so I use an IR laser.

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    Have a look on scott countrys website, they are doing a deal for the digital pulsar recon 550 + the x850 illuminator for 389.99 which is a really good buy. I am going to get one and its to go with my photon so i dont need the lamp. I have seen through them and they are nice and clear and go well with the photon without breaking the bank. Also had a look at the 100 bresser from lidl which was pretty good (not as good as the pulsar rite enough) but the was without any additional illuminator.

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    Don't bother save up and buy a thermal only way to go.


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