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Thread: Nightforce for stalking

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    Nightforce for stalking

    Who uses them for stalking ? I recently bought one to replace my Zeiss 6.5 x20 that has sat on my ultra mag and performed flawlessly but my only problem I had was I wanted illuminated ret with the ability to dial if needed so went with nightforce and I wish I hadn't bothered !!
    I had 16 hinds in front of me in the early light this morning I could see fine with the binos selected which i was going for up with the scope couldn't see a bloody thing even with the mag turned down.
    After a load of fiddling with the parallax i eventually got a hazy image but couldn't see the reticle so on with the illumination the **** image was now a **** red **** image and the red drowned out the hind so i didn't take the shot !!!
    15 mis later the image is spot on i could crank up the mag to 32x and still see alright !,for the purpose that i require culling the animals before they slip into the reserve at first light the scope id pretty pants compared to european other scopes iv owned anyone have the same problems because there seems to be always a lot of nightforce for sale lol ?

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    No experience of Nightforce but in the circumstances you describe I use a Swaro 8x56 (fixed power) with an illuminated reticule on my 30-06. The illuminated dot is fully adjustable and I have it set on minimum, so no problem with glare at all, even when it is too dark to shoot. I use it mainly on Fallow in woodland and sometimes on large open fields and it is more than adequate for greater ranges than I am prepared to shoot at. Because it is a fixed power, it is also fairly lightweight too. A superb piece of kit that I cannot fault.

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    when you were asking for a nightforce I was hoping you were putting it on a foxing rifle or for atarget shooting, as I had an NSX in 2004 or there abouts and it lasted one stalk before I got rid. Reticle was no good for the crepuscular hours as it was too thin, and generally the optics weren't good enough and having to use the illuminated reticle for general use was a pain for the same reason you mention.

    Went back to a fixed power and stayed that way, Although the only scope I'd change to at the minute is the Minox Ze5i 3-15x56. I've looked through one and for 900 quid they are very good value. Swillington shooting supplies stock them.

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    same situation as yourself the other night in a highseat but luckily
    I had a 2.5 x 10 x56 Swaro sat on top with illuminated ret
    didn't take a shot as nothing in the cull plan but quite easily could have
    I nearly went nf for the new tac but decided a big Zeiss so glad I

    Also like uncle norm have a 8x56 Swaro illum on another barrel
    personaly think this was one of the best all round scopes ever made IMHO

    regards pete

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    I also think you would be hard pressed to beat any good quality fixed power scope especially for woodland situations
    I have S&B 6x42 and Zeiss 7x50 they just work, if fact you tend to forget that you have a scope at all and more importantly concentrate on the shot if it presents itself.

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    My Duralyt beats my NSX hands down in poor light but the NF works fine for foxing with a lamp. All NFs seem to leave the factory with the IR turned up to max. They need turning right down.
    They're not really hunting scopes but they are superb on the range and good value for money. Haven't tried one but I understand the new breed of NSX with the new glass is a different animal altogether and much more in line with European performance.

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    I have 2 nxs scopes and found you do need to turn the illuminated control right down. I also have a old NF model and find this a better system because you can adjust the brightness in the field. I have always been able to shoot in low light conditions. two of the above have the rangefinding reticles, I find that you need a bit more time to use these, but they do come into there own at distance. One of them has a mildot ret. this is quicker but I use the dial in turrets for distance on this one. I can remember having an old ziess 6x42. I could see a sika hind last light on a restock sight with the binos but couldnt with this scope(grey deer on a grey background) It was also hard to shoot with because the ret on this one used to cover too much of the target
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    Well after a bit of nightforce mentoring from lads on the site iv had a bit more luck this morning turned the illumination right down and if I keep it on the lowest mag iv found it acceptable and no illumination blindness either.
    Its never going to be a swaro or a smidtt but for the purpose and my needs time will tell but now I reccon it will do the business

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    You haven't said which nightforce you have!

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    I bought an NXS 8-32i for my .233 foxing, but I can't see the reticle clearly enough at night regardless of I set the mag. I did find improvement by adjusting the objective at the rear. Have you tried this? They are normally quite stiff. Anyway this has gone on the long range rifle, unbeatable for long range day stuff and the Z6i is the dedicated low light scope.

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