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Thread: Nikon Prostaff and Monarch bins

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    Nikon Prostaff and Monarch bins

    I see that Uttings have these seriously marked down at the moment.

    I am a big fan of both Prostaff and Monarch rifle scopes. Not top drawer but outstanding performance, especially taking their purchase price into account.

    Are these bins worth a punt ?

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    I got a set of nikon 10x50's almost $300 on sale for $53... They see as good as I can..... Have to look, but think they are prostaff...

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    Prostaff 7 8x42 for 149 or the 10x42 for 179

    Monarch 3 12x42DCF 179

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    depending on where you use them (and what for), the 10 and 12x could get pretty aggravating.... Not real crazy about mine as far as the magnification (lets me see that I'm shaky)....

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    I got my monarch bins from uttings and love them. Older model than what is on offer now but i would buy them again if i needed but they are as good as the day i bought them. I also had a monarch scope on my 308 whicfh i love. Now on my. 22 lr. Feels like you can see the fleas round the rabbits ears on summer evenings. Cant recommend them enough

    My bins are 8 x 42 which seems just right

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