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Thread: New Member from Clackmannanshire

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    New Member from Clackmannanshire

    Hi All and thanks to John for sorting out my registration -- the spam filter struck hard.

    I have been shooting since I was 14, (almost 50 years). Originally from Lancashire but here in Clackmannanshire since 1986. Currently a member of a DIY syndicate up the road in Perthshire with approx 1200 acres, pheasant, a few grouse, foxes and both Roe and Red deer. I took early retirement 4 years ago and thinking that I would have plenty of time on my hands decided to go for a rifle to help our shoot captain with the fox. Thanks to the F/A dept at Central Scotland Police, I recieved my open ticket 4 weeks later. Bought a CZ 550 in .243 and pottered about for a couple of years. Then did the DSC1 last September but missed out with the shooting. Completely lost confidence with the CZ and have just exchanged it for a new Remy 700. After shooting the barrel in have now got it zeroed and spent all afternoon on the shoot one day last week in over a foot of snow and -10C. Not a movement.

    Looking forward to the next time, but now find that it is true what they say, I have less time to myself now than when I was working.

    Looking forward to enjoying this forum and my best wishes for 2010 to everyone.


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    Hi Pete,

    Just a wee hello as I'm from your neck of the woods, Im in Tullibody.


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    Hi RSWO

    Not been on the site for a couple of weeks so just seen your hello. Also seen your intro.

    I am just up the road from you in Fishcross.

    Cheers - Peter

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