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Thread: Fallow activity.

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    Fallow activity.

    hi,iwas wondering if anyone else has noticed a lack of activityfrom the fallow, on the ground that i stalk i normally see anything up to 20 deer in an evening,but on the last few times i,ve been out i,m lucky to see 2 or 3. do you think is it to do with the recent cold snap,or is it just to do with the time of the year, your thoughts please,the scudd

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    Cold snap plus near full moon. They will be where they can get feed and shelter.

    Shot a young Sika stag on Wednesday night on a bit of ground where we normally see 10 - 15 Sika on any night, very few other deer on their normal spots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler
    Cold snap plus near full moon. They will be where they can get feed and shelter.
    Agree. Weather and moon phase have reduced their daylight activities significantly.

    Even the usual sun traps that you would expect to catch up with them in during the day are providing little or no activity.

    Hopefully with a lot of the surrounding shoots all being active this Saturday, we'll see them on the move. It usually takes a couple of days from them to settle back into their favoured haunts and feeding routes so I should be able to pick a few off whilst they are on the hoof.

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