Six tandoori chicken breasts.
Two large onions.
Half a red cabbage steamed it until just soft.
Four large Carrots cooked soft.
Two cups of garden peas cooked.
And a sage and onion stuffing mix.
Chickpea flour. Two to three large cups

Coriander. Three heaped tea spoons
Cumin. """""""""""""""""""""""""
Chilli powder.""""""""""""""""""""""""
Garlic powder. One small tea spoon.
Mint sauce. Two soup spoons
Turmeric. Two heaped tea spoons
Cayenne pepper. Two heaped tea spoons
Salt. One tea spoon
Fennel seeds. Three tea spoons

Get the two onions and cut into small dice then fry them off until there soft then let them cool down then put into a large bowl.
Add all the cooked veg into the bowl and mush up with your hands,
Put all the spices in and mix well.
Take the cooked tandoori chicken breasts and cut in half length ways then start ripping them apart into small pieces,then when there all done add to your veg mix and mix all together.
Now put in your three cups of chickpea flour and mix it all together it will look very dry,
Get a jug of cold water and start mixing it in with both hands keep adding the water until you have a very thick past that you can pick up with your fingers it wants to be the consistency so it can fall off your fingers into the hot fat so it forms it own shape not a ball if you know what I mean fry them off until brown then give them half an hour in the oven,
Befor you fry them off try a little amount in a frying pan as a small pattie so it lets you check if you have the spices right if you need more heat you can add it now to the mix more chilli or cayenne. Hope you like it bud cheers dave.

I used all my veg left over from a Sunday dinner don't put potato into it as it makes them fall apart when there frying Paul.