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Thread: Stock .22 cz 452

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    Stock .22 cz 452

    I'm looking for a new stock for my cz. It's a standard .22 barrel. The old one has had it. Any ideas where to get them or does anyone have one. Thanks.

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    Edgar's do the synthetic one for about 150 the last time I asked, the wood ones are not much more.
    But Boyd's would be the cheapest option, bar a s/h one ?


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    I'm fine with a secondhand also. I'll have a look at Boyd's now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkshire lad View Post
    Still looking
    Which version it it, Lux,, Varmint and American, all have a different inlet.
    (that's not so say you can't modify to suit)


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    Contact Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporting and see what he's got in his spares bin.

    It worked for me when I wanted a replacement Howa stock

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    I had an old 17hmr and 22 put this on the 17 puts life back in the old machines!!

    I put this on some years ago on a pretty much unused CZ 452 American and use it all the time now, got a sweet17 on it which I like a lot for the use it gets.

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    Gary Beechener

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