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Thread: Nightforce 3.5-15x56mm NF scope FOR SALE

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    Nightforce 3.5-15x56mm NF scope FOR SALE

    I am having a change around on my .204cal so this scope is up for sale,it is in immaculate condition with the glass being perfect.It has the NP-1RR rangefinding reticle(perfect for all sorts of vermin shooting),and,everything works just as it should,however,it doesn't have it's original box(sorry)but,would be very well wrapped if you want it posted,or you can come and pick it up no problem,and,If you are lucky I might even throw in a stalk.Any questions please PM me..........Martin

    offers around 750 please,or might p/ex for another top quality scope

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    Isn't this the scope my mate sold you Martin?

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    How do you get on with the .204?...Ive been thinking about getting one...cant make my mind up on the 204 or 22-250?
    I dont know anyone who has one to give me the low down!

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    Fantastic round mate,and Charlie will certainly agree that it is devastating as well..........Martin

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    Just thought I would through my two pennies in on the .204 Ive used a .243 for foxing for the last two years and I shoot approx 140 foxes a year and just started using my .204 for foxing in the last month or so, Ive shot approx 30/40 foxes with it upto the longest being 305 yards and killed everything with one shot, Ive been so impressed with it, you can see the bullet strike as it has very little recoil which gives real confidence with shot placement.

    Hope you guys have as much fun as I am with it!


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    what mod and barrel length is on your .204 martin?

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