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Thread: Unbiased review.....

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    Unbiased review.....

    With the costs attached to most of the premium clothing and equipment we all use, the likes of harkila, swazi etc spring to mind, never mind the subject of which moderator is best....I often wonder how honest some of the reviews of these items are.
    There is inevitably going to be a slight bias as it is very rare, having spent all that hard earned money, for people to turn round around say, actually, it ain't all that, but it's ok......far more likely to protect their pride and make out its the best thing since sliced bread...
    i have been guilty of this myself in the past, as I'm sure the honest amongst us have also?

    so this has lead me to write an honest review.
    I recently bought off here a nomad quad rider smock, I didn't spend the £240 odd on a new one, but a very respectable £80 on one which has been used, albeit well looked after. I was sceptical to say the least of the hype surrounding this gear, how can a fleece, however waterproof be worthy of such a price tag...?
    And, how well will it perform; based on previous experience, truly waterproof and wind proof clothing is seldom as breathable as the salesman would have you believe. There always seems to be something to disappoint somewhere along the line.
    Since it arrived, I think about 3 weeks ago now, I've worn it almost every day, I've been out in heavy showers, blistering winds, bright sunshine, you name it, I've worn it whilst walking briskly around the farm, out stalking, sat at my desk in the centrally heated office at work. Short of a steamy hot summers day, I've given it what I would call a reasonable test.
    so here's the crunch.......
    and it pains me to say this, but, I cannot find any fault. I haven't overheated, I haven't sweated, I haven't got wet from rain, I stayed warm in the stiffest wintry wind, I've been silent while out stalking, I don't look like a Robin Hood wannabe wearing my alternative Swazi Tahr or Swanndri hooded bush shirt.... And if, as some review have said the seems ever start to let water in, I can send it back to nomad and for £60 they will re-tape all the seems.....
    The pockets are deep and commodious the pouch on the front could hold the biggest binoculars out there. The hood is generously proportioned to allow for a helmet or hat under it, which initially felt huge, but by adjusting the draw cords a tiny bit, it fits like a glove.

    so there you go, as close to unbiased as I can offer, if it was crap I would have said as much as I didn't break the bank buying it. My only dilemma is now finding the money to stick with this gear in the future.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    thank you for the heads up on the smock, sounds like you got a bargain. atb doug.

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    If its xxl i'll give you £50.00 posted by PayPal.


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    I have one and the taped seams all detached, the matierial pills up first wash. The hood is way too big and it holds water better than a sponge. And for an unlined and quite crudely cut garment it is far too expensive.

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