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Thread: cwd stalking with me and my son

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    cwd stalking with me and my son

    just come back from a couple of days stalking with my son and a couple of mates.
    first evening I got to the high seat with my son spotted a chink sitting out across some rape after just ten min the cwd stood up and started to graze away it presented a shot and plugged it with the 243. long range shot through the ribs and down it went. walked and picked it up and bleed it and graloched it. turns out to me a nice medal beast.
    returned back to high seat quiet happy.
    15 min later my son spotted another beast along way out so we sat and watched it after 5 min another beast appered in the field so watched this beast and way it was behaving it was another buck after half an hour of watching it play around the field scrapping at the soil and rubbing its chin on the ground it presented a good b road side shot along way out, so squeezed of a round and number two fell to the ground. so walked and bought it back to the high seat this was a bigger buck then the first. excellent start. mean while my mates where still yet to see anything.
    next morning we went to a different high seat and sat and waited for light to come in. the wind picked up and the seat was blowing around a lot so decided to sit in behind the bales that was next to it. as light broke I spotted a beast about 300 yard out feeding away so decided to stalk up the side of the wood and see if I could get a shot at the beast , after a ten min stalk up the side of the wood got within about 200 yard of the beast got in postion and the shot was on. down it went. this beast turned out to be very big, a good gold by the look of it so that was that for the morning I thought but after about an hour a doe appeared so sat and watched it for a while and said to my son he could have a go at his first cwd. anyway it laid down in the stuble and thought to my self this will be still there later in the day and we could sneak through the wood to get a shot in the evening .
    that evening we headed back to the wood and stalked through the wood to a postion where we could see the field and the doe was still sitting in the same bit so wee settled down and waited, after 2 hours she stood up and started to feed towards us so we got in a better postion to await a possiable shot, it seemed like ages but the beast came in to about 150 yrads and turned broadside, my lad was ready he placed the cross hairs on the chest and squeezed of the .243. and down she went. I was over the moon we waited a couple of min and approached the beast it was stone dead!
    I was over the moon for the lad nearly 15 and already two species in the bag. after photos it was back to the farm, the others had fun that evening with one with a munty doe and a tidy old cwd buck with worn tusks and the other lad with a very nice medal class munty buck and a doe which was also his first muntjac he had seen let alone to shooting.
    so it was back to the hotel for tea and a drink or two.
    next morning we had a quick look around but left at 8 to get back up the road as we had a 6 hour drive home.
    so all in all a good couple of days stalking and some quality time spent with my son watching him take his first cwd and me also getting my biggest cwd to date.( son has told me he is shooting a cwd buck next season before I get to shoot)

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    Sounds like it's been a great trip Adrian. Where's the photos????

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    made up for you both good couple days all round brilliant, the lad wont shut up now, doug.

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    Got a stack of pics but can't upload for some reason?

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    What a result!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Excellent write up Ade. And well done pal.


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