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Thread: swarovski target turrets

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    swarovski target turrets

    I have a swarovski pv 6-24x50 habicht with the tall target turrets.
    Anybody know how much roughly it would cost to get it converted to the lower profile turrets?
    If they would convert at all!

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    Costs 180 for target turrets to be added!

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    Would that mean it would be cheaper to put the lower profile turrets on?
    Anyone in the UK that I could contact or is it a matter of contacting swarovski in Austria?

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    Sent swarovski a message regarding this and they replied today saying that it's possible to put the
    'hunting turrets' on my scope and that it would cost approx €250.

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    Well after some thought I decided to send my scope to get the 'hunting turrets' put on.
    I got a reply off swarovski today through the post with the cost estimate to be 124.24 including vat.
    Happy days.

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    Funnily enough I have same scope with tds4 and I'm thinking of going from low profile to target turrets.
    be interested to hear how your change went

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