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    Hi Chaps I have the F A O comming to see me wednesday lunch i have applied for my FAC any advice on what he may ask and the answers.
    Will he grant me an open certificate will he let me have a 243 ive had a s/g cert for 6 years ime in scotland and a level 1 is going to be compulsery soon.

    Wish me luck chaps, rob shooter

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    Firstly, good luck with the interview.

    Secondly, no-one on here will be able to give you a definitive answer but people will chuck their two pennies in and here's mine for starters.

    Open cert - probably not on your first attempt. They usually like to keep you contained until they're happy you are a safe enough shot and would be competent enough to make the right decisions about where to shoot each calibre.

    .243 - if you've got the right sort of land and have put in for it as a need for a certain quarry there's no reason why not. If you can't justify it then you may struggle.

    DSC level 1 may be compulsory soon but it isn't at the moment although anything that can help educate about what you're off to shoot can only help, and this includes stalking with experienced hunters too.

    Best of luck

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    Do they do territorial restrictions in Scotland? I had an idea that they eschewed that particular pointless bit of interference.

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    not to sure i think they do open cert striaght off in scotland for what its worth. some one will sort you out atb anyway doug

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    I got an open ticket on my 1st application, but condition was I have DSC 1. Lothian & Borders Police

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