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Thread: SD's Willy Wonka

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    SD's Willy Wonka

    For those that have met him they will know what I am on about. I have just watched Willy Wonka YET AGAIN. Then it dawned on me.............he is wearing Leagleagle69's hair, only a little tidier.

    Definately less room for corvids in there!!!!!!!!!


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    Ah Rich leave John alone takes a long time for the mail coach to get the new portraits that far north so he is still tinking of the old Legal pre makeover version not the new trendy roostless version we in the civilised world all now know and love

    Happy New Year Jingzy you are just jealous of the Nottingham Lurrrvve Machheeennn 8)

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    i saw a bit of wonka,i must say jingzy he does remind you of a certain bloke we know

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    I take it your not talking about the Johnny Depp version ?

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