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Thread: vortex crossfire

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    vortex crossfire

    vortex crossfire are they any good

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    The model range has recently been updated but they weren't a patch on the Diamondback range.

    The Diamondback's are even better than Nikon Prostaff (I own both for air rifles),and I consider them about the very best low light scope unless you more than double the budget.

    Vortex BDC ret is too widely spaced for air rifles but a little better on RF. Nikon Prostaff BDC ret is closer spaced and the markers are circles, not solid dots, so each circle offers top, centre and bottom as aim points making them very flexible. I'd take the Prostaff over the Vortex offerings for air rifle or RF purely for a its overall combination of excellent low light performance and a more flexible and useful set of am points.

    The Crossfire scopes are OK, but not noteworthy or especially good performers.

    Warranty cover is outstanding though...
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