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Thread: Full custom .284

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    Full custom .284

    .284 Win: single shot, its had 150 rounds through it.Built by Dave valkyrie rifle (Long action)

    30" bartlein 1 in 9 twist barrel
    20 moa rail
    Jewell trigger ( 1/2 pound)
    Valkyrie action
    Mcmillan A-TH stock Fully devcon bedded with aluminium pillars
    Third eye tactical 1 piece mounts
    Jet Z moderator.
    Scope not included

    Plus all reloading data/gear,here goes probably forgot somethings

    Redding reloading dies/ KM case neck expander
    100 lapua brass
    3 boxes of berger hunting vld's
    300 hundred cci bench wrest primers
    colit for callipers...

    Cleaning rod jag etc...

    Reason for sale lack of use,can't have something like this sat doing nowt.This rifle is beyond accurate its 1 hole groups.Last time i used it,me and my mate off here went to see someone off here who was giving it the big un about how good his rifle is and how good a shot he was blah blah. when we got there(massive old quarry) the deal was pick a range a random range up to 1200.put a clay out at that range then hit it 1 shot.Needless to say after 4 attempts and him not hitting any he quickly made an excuse then left can't remember exactly what they was but his first pick was 668 yards and i went up from there.

    Looking for 2500 job lot.

    Pm for any questions.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hunting isn't just something I do it's part of who I am

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    I can vouch for this rifle Andy brought it over to my place a couple of years ago for a zero session and I can confirm this is a genuine one hole'r it certainly impressed me ! good luck with the sale its a serious bit of kit.
    Was it the lad with the 6.5-284 that bet you ?
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    Thanks pal.
    Hunting isn't just something I do it's part of who I am

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    Valkyrie action ....

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    This looks awesome.

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    Nice rig Andy she's a beastie regards pete

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    Don't suppose you want to sell the powder separately ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronbott View Post
    Don't suppose you want to sell the powder separately ???
    Sorry pal job lot.
    Hunting isn't just something I do it's part of who I am

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    Those valkery actions really are incredible you will miss this rifle by looks of it

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