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  • Calling red stags

    5 22.73%
  • Calling Sika stags

    5 22.73%
  • Shooting wild boar

    2 9.09%
  • Calling Roe buck

    8 36.36%
  • Stalking Falllow bucks bellowing.

    2 9.09%
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Thread: What would you say is a must do stalking experience.

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    What would you say is a must do stalking experience.

    This post came in part from a discussion on the PM with Grant.

    So confining our selves to the UK what would you say is "a must do" experience to try in Deer Stalking.

    I am going to say calling Red stags in woodland, the excitement as they roar back the crashing as they pace up and down then you have to back track to try and keep up wind of them as the cunning ones try to cut you wind, it all gets the adrenaline running.

    Best rgds


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    I can only comment on a couple of these, but for my money calling a Roebuck that comes in at the gallop and you never see the little bugger until he is right on top of you is quite a thing. Calling a Sika that answers you and gets closer and closer without you seeing it, only hearing it can be quite an eerie feeling, but one that should not be missed if possible.

    The scariest moment I ever had with a deer was in a Highland wood, pitch black, when a Sika whistled, he must have been withing twenty feet of us. He obviously was not aware of us, may well have heard us, hence the call, but being that close to the famous whistle, getting the full benefit of the volume was a definite cure for constipation!


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    I am looking forward to experiencing any of them. Starting with calling Roe Bucks in the summer.

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    I've done everything on the list apart from call a sika stag which I've never had the chance to try. In fact I've never had the chance to stalk a sika at all.

    I found all of the experiences fantastic and it's hard to split them.

    I have voted for calling a red stag in woodland simply because of the magnificence of the beast with its roars reverberating around in the poor light.

    Stalking a wild boar on foot under the moonlight is a very close second, spiced up by the fact that it can kill you if you get it wrong.

    I have been sat on the ground about 30 yards off a fallow rutting stand watching a buck patrol up and down for fully 20 minutes without offering a shot and then chasing a spiker off that ran within 5 yards of me when it ran off the stand.

    Calling a roebuck in is a great experience especially as it is often in nice surroundings on a lovely morning and they often appear from nowhere unlike the other bucks/stags who have generally given their presence away beforehand.

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    I will admit calling and stalking Red Stags in a forest is very exciting, and is certainly near the top of the list. But for me calling a Sika Stag into range as they are so wary even during the rut ranks just a little higher up the scale for me.

    Either way one does not know what is going to present itself, head and trophy wise until the beast is in view. Although with a Red you have a certain idea by the depth and type of roar. Sika the same a good errie long whistle repeated twice is the sign of a reasonable Stag as a rule. But with Sika they are more on the ball, even during the rut, they hardly ever let their guard down.

    My longest stalk on a roaring Red Stag in a forest was just over 2 hours. It was a big bodied beast, and 10 points, with an evil spike top on one side. Not bad for a Scottish Stag.

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    Ok, as a novice I have yet to achieve any of the above. Just reading other people's experiences is gets my heart rate going. However, from what I have read/heard (limited I accept) calling is a very difficult achievement.

    My experience so far is to roe. I have tried and failed to use the "Buttolo" caller, it comes with instructions in Chinese, none of which resembles anything understandable that is on the takeaway menu! The only noises I have managed to create so far resemble a dying duck.

    If anyone would care to offer some advice on this I would be most appreciative.


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    I know what you mean TMT I have one and can only make the kind of noises I make after a curry and five pints.

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    Red or Sika Stag calling is very exciting, the sika calling back sends shivers down your spine, the Red roar means business, especially in the twilight of early morning on a misty clearfell.

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    calling roe in the rut sets my heart thumping watching a roe doe coming in from over 500 yards with a buck in tow watching her nervous looks of inquisity as she tries to home in on those sweet peeps of my buttalo caller and the eagerness of the buck looking for that female thinking of his next moment of passion and all the time you are watching and waiting willing that buck to stand long enough for a shot

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    TMT I also use a Butolo. When you use it, keep it in your pocket, only gently squeeze one or twice, then wait about 10 minutes before trying again.Some folk hammer away all the time with one, this will put a buck off. Patience, it will all come togther in the end for you I am sure

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