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Thread: any ideas what this is?

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    any ideas what this is?

    i went out for a look for a duck the other day and i shoot this and im a bit embarresed to say that i dont know what kind of duck this is. i thought it was a teal when i shoot it (it was dark) as i only ever see teal and mallard but as you can see it obviously isnt and i cant work out what it is

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    Male Gadwall?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTO
    Male Gadwall?
    It`s the female gadwall.

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    i reckon thats it a female gadwall the barring on the wing fits as does the body size and bill thanks for that bud

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    definately female as it is bearing it's teeth already
    mouth open ready for action
    the one thing with duck in the dark , long neck or no neck
    that way it can be easily reconised
    as this was shot as a non recognised species you can't claim it as your first
    but it will eat okay

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    Looks like a prop for a nice orange sauce to me!

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    Lol Steve was just about to say its called an a la'range duck if it's near our house

    Mind you Sylvia had a Northhampton runner in the game bag yesterday if you recall Stone

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    Without wanting to be rude it's just as well then that it is on the quarry list. You were lucky! If wrong it can be expensive!

    I am amazed by those that shoot duck on an evening flight and only after the thing is dead and brought to hand worry about whether it was legal to shoot!

    BASC do have a quite useful little booklet BTW that identifies all the legal quarry species! Might be a nice self-present for New Year!

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