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Thread: Too much?

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    Too much?

    I fail to see how this could ever really be useful, and as for the price...

    Anyone got one?

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    I'd love one !

    Useable - not likely

    Affordable - NOT A CHANCE !

    Bragging rights on Cub camp - PRICELESS !

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    well you would be able to answer the question "do Swiss army knives have this tool or not" anyway
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    I'd be pretty angry if I got one and still couldn't get that stone out of my horse's hoof.

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    That's hilarious / rediculous. I like how its still got the key-ring attachment. I've never seen finance offerered on a penknife before.

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    looks like my draining board!!
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    There are pocket knives & there are pocket knives !!! .....but your going to need some pocket to put that mother in ...!!!

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    What? No belt pouch?
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    lol looks like summit out of hotshots delux pmsl

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