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    Hi gents and ladies.
    i know it may be a shot in the dark, I'm running extremely low on my last tub of varget,
    I'm just testing the water to see if anybody has any surplus for sale.

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    Ive got a couple of Half tubs..C

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    Thanks for the reply crimson

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    Must be some out there

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    Good luck. Rarer than hens teeth as I understand it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasticMrFox View Post
    Good luck. Rarer than hens teeth as I understand it!
    spoke to 3 gun shops and they said could be waiting until late july and thats if they get any .

    glad i don't need it.

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    Thanks for the kind words boys ��
    must be somebody with some on the shelf

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    I have at least a couple of pounds I can spare so if interested pm me

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    Forget Varget and try something new. I moved to Tac a while ago and never looked back, overall results were better than Varget in the end.

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    I have just sent Hodgdon an email as to why we in the uk are being starved of powders ,i have been told by uk trade members that all the usa powders will be stopping in 2015 !! but drop them a line and ask why as i have done.

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