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Thread: Trail Cam

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    Trail Cam

    I need to purchase a couple very soon and would like advice on where and what to buy. One will be placed at the main entrance to one of my leases so I can see who is passing when I'm not there, so need this needs to be flash free so if anyone passes at night they don't know their photo has been taken. Was hoping to get one for less than 100.00 but don't mind paying more if I have to. Distance wise 20-30 meters will be fine.

    Your help is appreciated.

    Thank you


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    Are you just after one that takes photos/video, or one that sends them to your mobile/email?

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    20 - 30 meters is quite ambitious for any trail camera, most quote detection and imaging ranges around the 40 foot mark and, as you know, what the manufacturer claims it can do and what the thing actually does in the real world usually differ. I think you need to consider 10 - 20 feet as ideal unless you have actual experience that the camera will do better than this.

    Most cameras are physically quite large and fairly easy to see if you are looking for them so even without the flash most dodgy characters will not have to try too hard to spot one. Given this they are not ideal for detecting human visitors unless you want to put a bit of work into building a well hidden enclosure etc. and this is especially true when you factor in that you will need the camera within 10 - 20 feet of the person being photographed to get optimal performance. Also because of the flash many cameras do not work well at capturing car number plates, if that was your intention, as the flash tends to "wash out" the actual numbers. Reconyx do make a camera designed specifically to capture car number plates but it isn't much use for anything else and is very expensive.

    A key factor in spotting people and cars moving about is trigger time and this is not great on a lot of cameras, only Reconyx and Bushnell generally post a trigger time under one second. Many cameras also take longer to trigger if working in video mode and you can see trigger times go up above 2 or 3 seconds. This may not sound much until you find that anytime the camera triggers all you get is an empty frame. In my view trigger time is also THE key factor in getting photos of deer, unless you are going to put food down in front of the camera with a view to baiting them in and holding them there to get a photo.

    The "black flash" cameras tend to be more expensive and often give less flash range so although they are great there is also an element of trade off with the normal "low glow" infra-red flash type.

    If you can work around all these factors then I notice that Uttings have 2012 model year Bushnell cameras for decent money, though still quite a bit more than 100, don't buy anything earlier than 2012 as they were much slower. It really is a case of you getting what you pay for with trail cameras and I suspect many depend on the fact that you never realise just how many events they fail to capture. Bushnell have good sensing and good imaging plus the 2012 cameras are fast to trigger and have all of the features you will need. The next upgrade is probably Reconyx but for me that is just way too much cash to tie to a tree.

    I have one of these and get great results, but the flash will alarm deer over time:

    This might be the best option for "black flash" but be aware that this is physically quite a large camera
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    try fitting in old bird box , out of site of prying eyes

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    you can try a "little acorn 5210 with 940nm infra red" (invisible to humans)
    its a specialised art putting trail cameras up where they wont be seen or stolen
    eventually they will unless you are real good at cammoflage. you are best putting them in remoter areas.

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    Got lt acorn, does the job and under a ton to buy.

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    I use swann trail camera 5mp. Got them from maplins 79.99

    Have got some photos buy unable to upload???

    If you drop me your email will send that way.

    Hope this helps.

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    +1 for the Ltl Acorn 5210A.

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    Narrowed it down to either Stealth Cam Sniper Shadow or the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 2013. Anyone have one of these and is the Bushnell undetectable to the human eye same as the stealth cam?

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    I've got the trophy HD cam, the flash is not invisible, I've got photos of a fox and a deer staring at it, and video of a fox looking at it warily. Not sure if it'll spook them or if they just are intrigued. Love the bushnell cam, impressed with all the pics and vid I'm getting from it, really showing me things I had no idea were down in our wood.

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