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    Any comments ,I have been told that a 100 grain bullet cannot group as well as say,70/80 grain,it does seem that my old 243 lakelander does group better with winchester 80 grain than say federal 100 grain,

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    Hi Tony

    All comes down to twist rates, most factory sticks in 243 have a 1:10 twist.

    I have found with my sako that 80/85 grain heads go better than 100's.

    A 1:8 twist barrel will get the 100's going well.

    Hope yor well


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    I usually use 75gr V.Max. for vermin species in my .243s.
    However , I won a box of 100gr Privi Partisans at a stalkers shoot and tried them in my Tikka T3 .

    I was surprised to find a half-inch 3 shot group in the left hand side of the bullseye but as stated the one-in-ten twist is better suited to 85gr or less.


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    Grouping is a matter of ballistics and the multitude of factors involved * - it's all down to your particular ammunition/rifle combination and how well they suit each other.

    If Prvi Partizan work with your rifle, whooppee at around 7 for 20!

    * edited to add -and the nut behind the gun!

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    My .243 shoots best with 70gr Ballistic Tips, one hole 5 shot groups if I do my bit.

    The next best thing is 100gr Norma, the Privi is very tight to chamber so I have not bothered with it.

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    It is no problem in my Tikka T3 .
    It is very convenient to be able to zap a Roe or a Crow with a quick ammo change .

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    Federal 100 grain power shok out of a Steyr pro hunter mk 2 in 243. (date not correct)


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    Two 243 groups using 70gr reloads

    Might even start shooting foxes at 5-600m

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    Is that target in the Clan McNab tartan SB?

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    Not enough target contrast for this partially sighted geriatric.

    I was 74 when I shot the target below , they took my driving licence off me this May , now 76 and reduced to an electric buggy .
    Those 68gr Bergers do not expand like the 75gr V.Max. but are more accurate . [ again shot at 100yds. ]
    Sako rifle which I sold a couple of weeks ago.

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