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Thread: Do you skin a wild boar or scrape hair off

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    Do you skin a wild boar or scrape hair off

    Just enjoying the after effects of a slow roasted pork belly with lots of good crackling and a good red wine. Got me thinking to how I should deal with a wild boar when they turn up on my shooting grounds. Just gralloch and skin like a deer, or do you scald and scrape like a domestic pig??

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    I allways skin them. Memories of scraping pigs as a boy is enough to make me skin them

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    wild boar needs skinning like deer or goat, they have thick skin and hair you wont get crackling as such from boar but it does have a layer of fat that when basted with marinade is delicious, atb wayne
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    I the south of France they tend to remove all the hair like for domestic pigs. Often they hang them up and the assembled crowd comes and pulls fistfuls of hair out until it's bare. I suppose you could always try to wax one of course...

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    i'd shoot it first !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Skin it, its proper tough & in my opinion not the 'crackling' you expect.

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    Thanks chaps. No risk of needing this advice anytime soon. Nearest boar are 90 miles away in Dumfries and Galloway, although some are farmed 15 miles away.

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    definently skin them , the hair is too thick and its like a coating of wool below it , horrible pigs to try and plout

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    100% most definitely skin them!!!

    You would be there for ages with your Mach 3 trying to shave it!!!

    I have heard of some people singeing or burning the hair with a blow torch or suchlike, but it can end up a complete mess as you can imagine you could partially burn or cook the skin.

    Like Mereside has said, the skin is a lot thicker on boar, there will still be a reasonable layer of far under the skin to keep the meat moist when cooking.

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    Skin them like a deer

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