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    Case quality

    Guys....I've had some great input and guidance re case length...thank you all. I assume that a more expensie case, presumably of better quality brass, will be more resilient and stretch will be lesser than an inferior case? I have found my hornady cases vary considerably in length, whilst the federal are more consistent. What's considered the best in your opinion? I shoot deer/fox in 243. Regards.

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    Lapua have the reputation for being the most consistent and best and generally this is very true, they are very good indeed. RWS, Norma and Hornady are also considered to be very good. More by chance than anything most of the cases I use are made by Lapua, Norma and RWS but I do also use some Prvi Paratizan (PPU) cases and have found these to be very good for the limited ranges that I shoot to (200 yards or less). If you are shooting at longer ranges then it may well pay you to look at the better makes.

    Winchester and Remington are really manufactured for the more budget conscious but are more than adequate for the average stalker/ fox shooter and will often be just as durable or even more so than some of the more expensive brands, it all depends on how the cases have been annealed in manufacture. You may find that uniforming the flash hole will benefit you with the cheaper cases. I have had costly Lapua cases that split on second loading much to my annoyance when cheap IMI cases have seemed to go on for eternity. It’s pot luck really as regards durability and just to confuse issues slightly the headstamp doesn’t always reflect who actually made the case as it is quite common for one company to produce cases for another. How you prepare and reload your case probably has a greater influence on accuracy than the actual make of the case. I presume that you are trimming all your cases to a common length.

    Shooters tend to be a funny lot and have deep rooted personal preferences and will only use a particular brand of case and will often dismiss all others as total rubbish. That’s fine by me as I have my own preferences and prejudices too, but I would just suggest that you find out what works for you bearing in mind the type of shooting that you are doing and the limitations of budget etc.
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    Lots & lots been written on case life. Method of resizing is a major factor, in my view more important than the case manufacturer. Careful case preparation is the key here I think...all cases can be prepared to the same dimensions.

    A few tools are needed however to aid matters in extending case life, one of these being a headspace guage. Neck sizing works the brass less but at some point you're going to have to bump the case shoulder back...the trick is not to do it too much & that's where the guage comes in.

    Neck sized & F/L sized cases when loaded & fired will usually have a different POI. These days, I use the guage & F/L size to exactly the same case dimension +/- .0005" over & over. After a few firings the brass will fail to obturate properly and then annealing the case becomes necessary in order to further extend the case life.
    The Rifleman's Journal: Basics: Headspace

    I use Remington cases and they have given me good service. But, you are going to have to read a number of articles on the subject and draw your own conclusions.
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    .25-06 illustrated. H/space guage, seating comparator & F/L die set up. ATB
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    Annealing peridocically really extends case life. The work hardening that occurs from firing makes the necks prone to splitting.


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