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Thread: WW1 programmes on BBC2

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    WW1 programmes on BBC2

    The first is this Tue 25th Feb on bbc2 at 9pm by Max Hastings..."The Necessary War". Hastings says WW1 was necessary.

    The second is this Friday 28th Feb on bbc 2 at 9pm by Niall Ferguson..."The Pity of war". Ferguson says WW1 was avoidable.

    Should be well worth watching, hopefully will explain a few things beyond Archduke Ferdinand getting shot.

    I have quite a few letters and postcards from relatives (great uncles) from WW1 days in France, written in pencil, good spelling, punctuation and writing, and written in God knows what conditions.
    Amazing stuff, and amazingly they both survived, one lost both legs and the other never really recovered from shell shock. There are pictures of both,my great uncle Charlie with that "1000 yard stare."
    Anyone else have letters / pictures ?.
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    No but I recall seeing my great uncles diary/notes when I was a teenager. He was obviously not as well educated as yours, his was full of colourful language and spelling mistakes. He survived the war and although I never met him my father and grand father took me to France to visit the British and Commonwealth graves where men from his regiment did not survive. Truly a humbling experience and one that I believe everybody should undertake at least once in their lives. When my kids are a bit older I will take them.

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    Anyone else have letters / pictures ?

    My mother has my late grandfather's Field Pocket Book in which he has his briefing notes from 30/6/16 for a scheme of attack and the next day 1/7/16 in which he cites his Corporal, posthumously, for consideration for the award of the Victoria Cross.

    At first and second glance the date meant not very much. Until you look again.

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    Watched it last night - as a great-grand son of a Tommy gassed in the trenches I found it interesting but nothing really new to change opinions on the carnage of WW1

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    Over the weekend I was showing my girls my grandfathers photo album with pictures he took whilst convalescing at a nursing home in the Lake District after returning from the Somme.

    The photo's show him on crutches after having his knee cap shot out and his pals on also on crutches, with head bandages, arms slings etc - they were all smiling though - probably just glad to have survived the living hell of the Somme.., as a child I used to ask him why he had a dis-figured knee & why someone had shot off one of his fingers but he would just smile and dodge the subject.

    I'm sure there are a few lads on here who know first hand how it feels to put your life on the line, I can't comprehend it for one minute but it certainly hits the heart when such documentaries are show & makes me think what my grandpa went through at the age of 18. for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    my great grandads on both sides were very lucky men ,one in the yorks n lancs and one in the black watch .got faded black n white photos of one at beaucourt hammel but nothing of the other.amazingly both came home physically intact but god knows what nightmares they had.survivors of the somme all the way to the armistice they watched so many friends n relatives maimed n killed.last saw my dads grandad aged 91 happy as larry to your face but he never talked about anything from this evil time.R.I.P all those poor unfortunate heroes

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    Battle of the Somme...a generation cut down in a couple hours. A tragedy IMO.

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