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Thread: Looking for a spirit level

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    Looking for a spirit level

    Hi guys in looking for a spirit level for leveling up my cross hairs, I have seen the ones which go onto the mounts etc but I'm really looking for one that will fit directly onto my weaver rail. Any ideas where to get one?Had a look on the net but my google skills aren't the best.

    cheers bb

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    Don't know if it's any good, but this is what google offered me:
    Hawke Bubble Bore Level |

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    Deben do them as do B Square. Sportsmatch do several types which fit on the top rings and also a swivel out one. I have a B square on on my .22lr. Lots of other makes.

    Not sure what you mean.

    I normally clamp rifle in workmate and fit bottom haif of rings and then put a piece of plate glass across all 4. First l finds out if all are true (in lots of cases they wont be) then put big spirit level on glass and move rifle to level. When all level put on scope and align verical with plumb line. Note some scopes it can be a few degree out of true.

    Alterantively you can do the shoot the box method which again will determine if the scope is truely vertical to tne bore axis.

    Sometimes when you fit a lavel to the rail/dovetail of the rifle it may read diffently to the true level but you justkeep the bubble in the level at the same place to retain consistency.

    V handy when taking standing shoots across down/up slopes when you naturally incline the rifle.


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    Is this for fitting a rifle scope or ensuring you are not canting the rifle when firing?

    If it is for fitting a scope then Wheeler do a cheap and an expensive option. Try Midway Uk. I think they call it the 'level level level'.

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    i just buy a cheap boat level and take the bubbles out and bluetac them in place one on receiver and one on scope and use my other one to get it set up in gun vice nice and level ,all for around 6

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    Small spirit levels can be got for 1.00 from Maplins.

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    Feeler Gauge on a one piece base & a flat based scope this works a treat Rob

    Also works very well my T3 "girly gun"

    Atb Buck.
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    Bought two small plastic levels off EBay 2.50 lot delivered, perfect for scope mounting.

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    There's a couple of options about threequarters of the way down the page

    Image Viewer



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    Cheers Guys,

    Its for a bit of both, i want to get my cross hairs perfect, but i also like to have one that im able to have a glance at now and again because for some reason when i shoot over longer distances i have a really bad habit of canting the gun and i was wanting one to fit a weaver rail as i could pick that up with my eye while in shooting position while the top mounted etc would be harder to see when shooting.

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