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Thread: FEO request for an extra referee for a shotgun cert

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    FEO request for an extra referee for a shotgun cert

    A friend of mine is in the process of applying for a shotgun certificate, and submitted the form fully completed, including referee. At the interview with the Firearms Officer he was then asked effectively for ANOTHER referee, this time to send an email to the FEO to state that my friend knows how to shoot and is safe with a shotgun. I am puzzled by this: surely that is beyond what is required for a shotgun cert, especially since the original referee has stated that the applicant is fit and proper etc?
    Or is this now a normal part of the process?

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    It may well be that the original referee is unsuitable or there is some doubt as to suitability but the FEO doesn't want to let on. It's not unusual, so your friend would be well advised just to supply what has been asked of him.
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    If you look at the latest requirement in the 2013 version of the Home Office Guidelines, you will see that it is a requirement now for 2 referees. Chap 11.7 (b) here:
    They do not have to be a person of 'social standing' anymore either. They just need to have known the applicant for 2 years and be of 'Good Character'!
    However, there is no requirement for either of them to issue any statement regarding the knowledge of safety of your friend! That just sounds like attempt to shift some risk!!
    Also, guidlines are simply that, and allow to FEO a certain amount of flexibility.
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    I thought you always needed two.... ???
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    Interesting, the home office guidelines ask for two people to act as referees yet the new simplified form 201 states thet only one referee is required for shot gun licnece application and two for firearms.


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    Meeting my FEO tomorrow morning with regards to my application for a SGC.
    Only put one referee on my application as that was all it asked for.
    Will let you know how I get on.


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    My mate filled in the new forms yesterday for his SGC application - only one referee required.......................will see how he goes on with Police Scotland.


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    Sounds like your FEO is looking for evidence that you have some experience in the use of shotguns rather than another referee.

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    Which is non of his business, it is not required for a SGC surely?

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    mine was one for shotties two for fac doug.

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