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Thread: Bettinsoli Diamond 12B m/c 29"

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    Bettinsoli Diamond 12B m/c 29"

    Hi all

    For sale is my 12 bore, a Bettinsoli Diamond. It has 29 inch barrels and a selection of chokes (sorry, don't know all the names of them - more of a rifle man than a shotgun man!). It is in very good condition and is very 'young'; I bought it second-hand but it was in as-new condition, the guy who bought it had only put one or two hundred rounds through it and decided he wanted shorter barrels. I've probably put through 800 rounds so it's only seen around 1,000 in total.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Reason for sale: haven't used it in months and need the money!

    Bad points/points worth noting:

    - it has a few tiny specks of rust on the barrels but they really aren't very noticeable unless you look for them; the engraved panels also have some small rust specks, you might be able to see in the pictures. I'm sure they'd rub off and the shotgun is in generally very good condition.

    - the selective safety can be pushed forward in between the left and right options, where it will cause a double discharge. This has only happened to me a couple of times and is easily avoided once you're used to where to push the button. The safety used to be very loose which is when it caused an issue, it's now been tightened/stiffened up by a gunsmith and I haven't had any further problems with it.

    - A couple of hundred rounds back I had a handful of misfires (if that's what you call it when the pin strikes the cartridge but it doesn't go off?!) but the gun was fine before that and has been fine since, so I think it was the cartridges (I was using very old ones at the time); just wanted to mention it anyway. Thanks Skinner

    It's a lovely gun which I'll be sad to see go but needs must, and once I have a bit more money and time I wouldn't be surprised if I buy another of the same model.

    425 for the gun, chokes and choke key

    *PRICE DROP* 360


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    Forgot to add, this shotgun has been very well looked after - oiled and bore cleaned after every outing, and always stored muzzle down with snap caps too

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    Wherabouts are you in Somerset as I get down that way from time to time?

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    12 miles South of Bristol mate, near Radstock

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    Price reduction - 390

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    375 - starting to have second thoughts about selling it!!

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    360, I don't think I'm going to be going any lower than this

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    Is this still for sale?

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