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    GPS tracker

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can recommend a good gps unit to mark out trap locations etc? I know some keepers use them to mark out exact locations of fenn's, snares etc and was looking at doing the same for easy record keeping. Must be able to store locations of 100 points for my use. Anyone else doing the same and can recommend a unit?

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    Most can easily do that as they let you store named "way points" which would could allocated to anything at all.

    You can get GPS units without mapping, so they basically just give you a route to a way point or your grid ref but they can't show you an OS map of where you are. You can also get units into which you can load an OS map for the area so that you can see your location against the map. It must be said that I like the mapping units as it is really hand to have a sense of where you are against a map. However, by the time you buy a mapping GPS and the maps you will be out a lot of cash. Because GPS units all, basically, do the same thing but are often viewed as "fashion" items it is sometimes possible to get an old stock model at a considerable saving. I have a Garmin GPS60CS (or something like that) which I bought that way for a considerable saving and it does everything I'll ever need.

    Given this I'd buy a fairly basic GPS that you can load with maps and try to get old stock to save some cash as the feature difference between a top of the line unit and a bottom of the range is usually features that you'll never use.
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    If you have a smart phone then you have most of what you need. Just down load View Ranger for free and use it without maps or then buy the OS maps you need.

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    If you have a 'smartphone' you can download apps that work pretty well. I'm trying out ViewRanger at the moment on my iPhone and it works well, there are free overview maps but for what you want you'll probably need to download something with more detail (OS 1:25,000) which can be purchased by the 'tile' and are pretty inexpensive (20 tiles for 5.99) plus you get 2 tiles for free with the app, which may even be enough for your needs.


    EDIT - Oooo... pipped at the post by Cris!

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    Ah but you supplied more info....

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    I use the Garmin E Trex, simple to use and waterproof unlike your phone.It can store plenty of way marker points and take you back to them giving you direction and distance although the signal can be a bit rough when under the tree canopy.

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    I have two (well, three) different GPS devices. Firstly the old Magellan GPS300, second a Garmin Geko, and third my iPhone.

    All will do what you want, but personally I'd go for a dedicated GPS unit over using my regular phone as the latter is inclined to get lost, stolen, wiped, etc.

    You can pick up both of the above (or a basic Garmin eTrex) on eBay for 25 or less.

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    Thanks for the help folks! Sounds like it may not cost as much as I thought. I have an iPhone so will try using that first, but if I don't think it's doing the job I want, I will look into buying something a bit more made for the job! I was looking at that model or something similar caorach, but as you say, I dont need the camera etc which is what you pay for on some of the high end models! Thanks again for the help

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    I tried using an iphone and to be honest its a waste of space, no battery life at all when gps is being used and in the scottish hills it does not work at all.
    I have gone down the road of a dedicated garmin astro 220 for the hound but i can also use it to map the ground with os maps and mark everything up properly and not only that but i can use it all over the world, atb wayne
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