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Thread: 6.5-47 load data

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    6.5-47 load data

    Any suggestions for 6.5-47 using 123g sst or 130g Sierra hpbt
    prefferably something that is actually being used rather than a load from a friend.

    Many thanks in advance chaps
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    I have found this lot so far feller
    123gr Lapua Scenar @ 2930 fps, 37.2gr RL15, CCI BR4, Lapua brass. hav't found a 130gr yet! but they do seam to have been there and done that and got it sorted over in the usa.

    1. 6.5mm Shootout: .260 Remington vs. 6.5x47 Lapua vs. 6.5 Creedmoor‎

      It's been a good year for 6.5 mm. The .260 Remington has hit full stride after a ramp-up of several years, with top competitors at most field-style long-range ...

    also this 6.5x47

    Products - Lapua but a long tube and 1in 8.5 twist

    I have talked with Gavin and i am sorted thanks.

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    Paul, this has really whet my appetite and looking forward to getting mine built!!!
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    i know its like being at the back of the ice cream van waiting for your one to come lol .still parts are slowly coming to do the build just got to pay for it all now . this is harder than buying a new truck.

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    I use 36g of either n140 or varget with the 123 scenar and 37g varget with the 120g Nosler BT. Both moderate loads and very accurate but I haven't tried 130s. Lots of info on UK Varminting on this

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    Found some more info from the
    6.5x47 Lapua Tactical TackDriver
    Recommended Accuracy Loads
    Recommended Accuracy Loads

    139 Lapua Scenar VV N550 38.7 CCI BR4 2790

    139 Lapua Scenar VV N550 38.0 CCI #41 2790

    130 Berger VLD H4350 41.0 CCI #41 2875

    130 Berger VLD RL 15 38.2 CCI #41 2983

    123 Lapua Scenar RL 15 37.4 CCI BR4 2930
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    38gn of varget and a 120/123 gn bullet WILL give sub .5 moa 5 shot groups, as long as it was screwed together properly

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    how much of gold dust you got feller! Varget wish i still had the case of 24 tubs that i sold off to the sd members some time ago i could retire for good lol

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    6.5 x 47 lapua users - hunting specific

    this was going rather well until people started humping eachothers legs!

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