This weekend my 11 y/o son was shooting one of my 700s in 308 using reloads. I had loaded the ammo some time back using a set of the RCBS match dies. These dies have the micrometer seating adjustment the can easily be moved. When I loaded the ammo I set the depth making sure the ammo loaded and chambered easily and then cranked out a batch of 100. I think I fired a few back then and then put the gun and ammo away. The load consisted of RWS brass, Remington primers, IMR 4064 and some surplus military 173gr FMJs.

This weekend I promised a neighbor I would help him zero a new 30-06 so I told my son to get something out of the safe he wanted to shoot along with appropriate ammo. After single loading a few rounds, he tied up the gun trying to fill the magazine, couldn't get more than one in the box. So once I home I took the rifle apart to see if I had inadvertnetly put the gun together wrong last time it was apart. Couldn't see an issue with the gun and with the box out of the gun the rounds were obviously too long. I checked a couple of references and discovered my reloads which chambered very easily were 0.035" longer than the max overall length listed in the Sierra manual.

I know the shape of the ogive has an effect on how long a particular bullet combination will fit a chamber but this was a reminder to check overall length for a fit with the magazine as well.

In my defense though I must say I rarely shoot repeaters these days.