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Thread: Epoxy resin drying time.

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    Epoxy resin drying time.

    In the process of bedding a rifle. It is in and setting at the moment but I haven't used any applied heat. Room is heated probably in the high 20s. Instructions (Ballistics Studies bedding kit) advise 48hrs for curing having used hot water bottles at 60 degs. So how long should I leave it before breaking it out of the stock!?

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    As long as you can put up with itching to remove the action from the stock.

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    go out and stay away from it don't fiddle with it ,go to bed leave it alone walk away the longer the better you could hot knife clean away any that you feel will prevent the removal later on, cleaning any over laying resin on the over spill tape but that's about it .you may think it gone off but the centre won't have. leave some on a paper towel use this to prod at if you have to lol

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    Good reply. I'd say the same for gaps between applying the next coat when giving a stock an oil finish. Of course if you know you've got gloop where it shouldn't be go right at it now!

    Keep us updated please.


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    Hi Tackelberry.
    How did the bedding job go. I looked at his vids and his proprietary bedding compound looked very runny compared to Hy-sol or Devcon. Any issues? Please keep us updated. Apart from some odd things about annealing bullets I like the what the Kiwi writes. Nathan Foster. I fancy reading his books.


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    Very messy but stock was all taped etc. Hopefully I have put enough release agent on the action! It is runny but you can put it on a radiator for 10 mins and get it a little more tacky if you wanted to.

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    Especially a with a bedding Job one wants the resin to be 100% cured.
    Curing time or temperature profile depends on the resin and what the manufacturer suggests. Some resins need heat others don't. Over the years I found that even rapid setting resins such as 5 minute epoxy actually needs 24hrs to fully cure. My suggestion as a general rule, air cure for 6-12hrs then put in a warmer place like on the heating ~30-40 deg C for at least another 24hr. I am lucky to have an oven in which I can fit complete rifles, all our epoxy jobs are oven cured. edi

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    It came out of the stock ok. Heres a few photos. I haven't got pictures for every stage. I'm now inletting in a few places that I overlooked when using the plasticine. For the observant there are obviously a few areas I can improve on next time but I think they are purely cosmetic and I think I will be able to finish it with a bit of careful sanding.
    The real test will be how it shoots of course!

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    well done feller worth the wait, who did you get the kit from and if i may the cost as i may need to do the a sako soon
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    The Ballistics research website. 46.09 total but that was for the stock stablizing kit as well. Arrived in 10 days. Has detailed instructions etc. Well worth the money imo.

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