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Thread: Snow creating problems now

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    Snow creating problems now

    Jus back from the pheasants. Got to the shoot and found two feet of snow in places, My cocker was the only dog but shecould not cope with that depth. We tried four drives but little could be found without dogs, The birds were sitting tight. The bushes were capped with snow so the birds had ideal cover. The release pens are all colapsed and a major rebuild will be needed. The snow built up on the covers and imploded the walls. As I type this the snow continues to fall. We are over the foot now in the local area and if you venture from the paths the depth can be far greater as it has blown over a ditch.

    Tell me though, how is it deer never go over a foot in snow. A lot of tracks in the woods, Deer always take the shallow ground. I have seen it in hill stalking where we followed a deer trail back to the road for about a mile. Never over the boot tops. Turned to the road 30 yards away and into a hole wast deep. They see what we see. How do they know the depth?

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    My (inexperienced) opinion is that most Deer trails tend to be on a high point which gives them a good view of what's around them. When it snows they just walk the same route, which is likely to be shallow because it's raised.

    I'm not sure you chaps think of that idea? I just know that on my main ground the deer always seem to walk on a high point?

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    The biggest problem is getting the game dealer in to collect the carcasses

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