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Thread: Kinetic hammer/bullet puller

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    Kinetic hammer/bullet puller

    As the title suggests, if anyone has a hammer/puller they no longer need then I would be interested in taking it off your hands.


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    Cheers Spud!So long as it comes with the collet for .308, and nobody has one second hand (yes I am a cheapskate!) then I will order one on Friday (payday).Guy

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    its a universal collet but you can use a shell holder in them as well
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    i have one but to be honest the only reason its is spare is they get battered and are so cheap, i would buy a new one feller or better get a collet puller from spud and save tossing powder around you bench that is like gold dust .lol

    forgot to thank mrs spud and spud brill service the parts arrived .
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    I have one that I don't use. Got it for .223 but I the bullets are either too light or I'm seating them to tightly because I never got it to work and ended up buying a RCBS collet puller. I'm fairly sure it's the same as the one Spud's selling.

    You can have it for 10+postage which I'm guessing will be 2-3.

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    Thanks chaps.

    a1baz - thanks for that, funnily enough flyingfisherman beat you to it with much the same offer. Thanks all the same. If you still have it when I break this one then I'll let know!


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